• j
    is there any interest in platform-level override for default service account to use for k8s pods? right now if there is no k8s service account explicitly set in the launch plan spec, it uses ‘default’. likely constitutes...

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    3 weeks ago
  • Andrew Rubiano
    Based on the openapi documentation, there doesn't seem to be an offset parameter I can pass to utilize pagination on my site. Is that something you plan to implement? Secondly, when using pagination it would be nice to ...

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    3 weeks ago
  • Sohan Shah
    hey i have a request that would serve the Forecasting platform we’re building at Spotify on top of Flyte. We currently subscribe to a topic containing

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    1 month ago
  • b
    We had a streaming pipeline that read the flyte events and from the execution we used to fetch the inputUri and from the closure the Outputuri, then fetch the files from gcs. Something like below:
        final String inp...

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    2 months ago
  • Hamza Azelmat
    Hey everyone, the graph UI in Flyte console is looking great ❤️ , do you think Dynamic Tasks will be supported as well in the future, I mean like expanding the nodes inside as it's possible for subworkflows? :thinki...

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    2 months ago
  • Prasad Paravatha
    *Feature request : Separate tutorial repo with jupyter notebooks* Not sure if its already being considered or worked on, having the below tutorials in jupyter notebook format could be very useful for new usershttps://d...

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    3 months ago
  • Paul Beskow
    Metaflow, which is a comparable framework (though more limited), recently added functionality for “Google cards for machine learning models”: ...

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    3 months ago
  • Ketan (kumare3)
    Folks, I am working on a new design that would allow users to run low latency workflows on Flyte and run existing simple python tasks and reduce / ammortize the overhead of running a pod. Would folks here be interested i...

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    4 months ago